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How Can I Keep From Singing

Sing together with the Church at Collinsville Bible Church in Dracut, MA on Saturday, March 11th at 6:30PM.
We will sing the hymns that we've learned and meditated on this past year.


  • We will sing together as a congregation the 12 songs that Collinsville Bible Church learned and meditated on each month in 2022.

  • Music will be accompanied by simple instruments: Piano, cajón, and possibly some guitar and bass. Congregational singing will be the focus, and any instruments will be to highlight the singing.

  • Song lyrics will be on a projector screen with no music. We will also have printouts of the sheet music.

  • Hymns are mostly modern from groups such as the Gettys, Cityalight, and Matt Boswell, though we have some older hymns as well.

  • The following playlists contain the songs we will be singing approximately in the arrangement we will use. They are useful to become familiar with the songs ahead of time.


Collinsville Bible Church
2075 Lakeview Ave
Dracut, MA


Saturday March 11th, 6:30pm



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